The 11​-​Year Backwards Sleepwalk {2011​/​2017}

by irr. app. (ext.)



The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk {2011/2017}

[eie dig021]

1. The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk, Parts 1-4

2. The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk, Parts 5-7

3. Whatever Might Be Going On In Your Head Is Now Your Own Problem


released November 7, 2011


A cassette version of this release [eieCS001] is available at Edition of 200 copies.

Instigated, integrated and induced by irr. app. (ext.) at the Rock Creek
Tributary, Hillsboro, between April and July of 2011.

These recordings are dedicated to Richard Karl Faulhaber, whether he likes it or not (nyah nyah).

Thanks to Steven Stapleton, Nadja Belabidi, Willow Scharpen, those two Spanish-speaking girls on the bus and some anonymous wireless telephone users for lending me their voices, although I never actually asked any of them for permission. Special thanks to Xavier Kalensky for his virtual VCS3 freeware.

All audio & graphic content © 2011/2017 M S Waldron/errata in excelsis.

I frequently stumbled over the past, yet somehow my hindquarters
knew how to find their way onward.



all rights reserved


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