Public Performance #21: Imbolc Sleep Concert, Portland {2019​-​02​-​02}

by irr. app. (ext.)



irr. public performance #21:
Imbolc Sleep Concert,
Azøth, Portland, Oregon

[eie dig033]

1. Embibolgon [full ISC performance]

2. Imb-Fholc [ISC rehearsal composite]


released July 28, 2019


Recorded at the first Imbolc Sleep Concert, organised by Enrique Ugalde. The irr. performance began around 3:15 am, positioned between sets by Soriah and Solace. Just like some tasty pickle in a ploughman’s sandwich.

A composite of some of the rehearsal recordings has also been included, as the approach to the performance allows for a fair amount of variation, and the rehearsals typically involve fewer technical difficulties.

All sounds & graphics by M. S. Waldron.
Scrubbed & mastered June/July 2019 at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro, OR.

Photos extracted from video taken by Shelby Kray / BlueHeronVideo.

Thanks to Enrique Ugalde, Charlie Martineau, Shelby Kray and Asia Kindred Moore.



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