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Perekluchenie [expanded edition] {2004/2014}

An expanded, remastered & partially remixed version of the 2004 album. The original physical CD & LP versions are also available for purchase at

[eie dig016]


full album track list:

1. Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection, part 1 [6:40]

2. Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection, parts 2 & 3 [7:37]

3. Perekluchenie: The Stairway To The Blue Light Subsides [5:48]

4. Wretched Density [6:02]

5. Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection, parts 4, 5 & 6 [16:33]

6. Milking The Dead For Distraction [3:20]

7. Dented Switchery [10:15]

This album contains 7 tracks: #1, #2, #4 and #7 are available for preview above, and #3, #5 and #6 are included as bonus tracks with the album download.


released October 7, 2014


All tracks recorded at the Felton Empire Studio, Felton, CA during the relentless parade of hours that stumbled through the years 2002-2005 -- except track 6, which was recorded between the apartment of R. K. Faulhaber in Cupertino and a scrupulously clean bathroom in Felton in 1998. The original album (tracks 2-6) was compiled & mastered in early 2004 at the edge of the woods under a dark cloud. Thankfully, that cloud has now almost entirely dispersed.

A more primitive version of track 1 was created in February 2003 and released in May 2004 as one side of a white vinyl 7” split with Wyrm. It was not included on the original album. This revised & remixed version was completed in July 2014.

Sections of track 5 were created in July 2003 to accompany an improvised Butoh performance by Paige Sorvillo and Kinji Hayashi at Cold Cuts Sessions in Berkeley, CA.

Track 7 is a drastic renovation of track 4, the initial version of which was created in winter 2006 to be one side of a square lathe cut 8” split with Mykel Boyd, but was instead eventually released as a conventionally circular white vinyl 7” in August 2008. It also was not included on the original album. This revised & remixed version was completed in February 2011.

All tracks scrubbed & remastered at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro, OR between July and August of 2014. Track 4 has also been remixed from the original multitrack recordings.

Sincere thanks to the following for their contributions and assistance:

Jääpöllöt: brief, severely tweaked interlude on track 2
Django Stapleton: profound exclamations on track 3 and track 5
Lori Anne Anne Lori Chambers: spoken voice on track 3
Windy Chien: spoken voice on track 3
Diana Rogerson: spoken voice on track 3
John Scharpen: shanai on track 4
Steven Stapleton: thrilling bit of drone somewhere in the middle of track 5


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