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Orgonosis #4 {2011}

by irr. app. (ext.)



Orgonosis #4 {2011}

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'Orgonosis #4' is a somewhat spontaneous continuation of the (formerly) three-part 'Orgonosis' series: Ozeanische Gefühle (2004), Cosmic Superimposition (2007) and Kreiselwelle (2009). Each successive part of the original series was created using the previous installment as raw material, as well as a fresh supply of field recordings (the primary source used to create the initial album 'Ozeanische Gefühle'); this fourth part has been assembled using only material manipulated out of all three previous albums, with no new sources added into the mix. The result is a pithy rendering-down of the core sound of entire series -- more homogenous than the other albums and also more unsettled.

I didn't have any intention to make any more installments after completing the third album, but curiosity got the better of me as to where I could take the material using new techniques that have developed over the past couple years. One of the guiding ideas behind creating this series was to juxtapose recordings from specific times and locations to create a kind of non-linear mental journey for myself; with #4 so many layers of time and place have been clabbered together that it's turned into a kind of mnemonic pudding. Mmmmm. Pudding.

Although intended to be one continuous track, I've divided it into three parts for several different reasons: firstly, to get around Bandcamp's track length limitations for newbies; secondly, to make the download times a bit more manageable for people with slow internet connections; and fourthly... that is, thirdly, to provide the convenience of having additional index-points for a long piece. The downside to this is that the mp3 versions of the downloads will have tiny gaps at these index points, as mp3s tend to have. I'm open to hearing feedback as to whether the benefits outweigh this one drawback and then making changes if needed (that is, once the track length limitations are no longer an issue).

This piece, as is the case with the other three in the series, is dedicated to the insight and stubborn persistence of Wilhelm Reich and the impact both have had on my particular existence. Incidentally, the form used for the series' name was adopted in tribute to the excellent 'Hypnosis' series created by R K Faulhaber during the 80s and 90s.


released April 10, 2011


Assembled & mixed at Rock Creek Tributary in Hillsboro, OR in March 2011.

Artwork by M. S. Waldron.
Source photo by Tracey Waldron.
Text & diagram overlays by Wilhelm Reich.




all rights reserved


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