Neornithes Rex Imperator {2012​/​2013}

by irr. app. (ext.)



Neornithes Rex Imperator {2012/2013}

[eie dig28]

1. Neognath In Machina [parts 1-5]

2. Neognathæ Portentosus [parts 1-4]


released December 29, 2018


This revised collection is dedicated to the memory of James Kaiser: a rare friend greatly missed.

Neognath In Machina:

Assembled at Rock Creek Tributary January-February 2012.
<Dedicated to HSH Nidge, Lord Of All Ince And Otherwise>

With special guests:
James Kaiser: amplified rat cage
Leslie Nichols-Rage: vox inhumana
R K Faulhaber: uvular oscillation
Lucy: snout rasp


Neognathæ Portentosus:

A shorter and more primitive version of this track was originally
submitted to the Nine Day Antler Society in March 2013.

Elaboration & refinement completed at Rock Creek Tributary
between September-December 2013.


Both tracks were previously released individually as 3” CDRs
by Petit Mal Music.

Both tracks remastered at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro, OR
in December 2018.

All audio & visual construction realised by M. S. Waldron.



all rights reserved


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