Foraging For Daylight {2020}

by irr. app. (ext.)



Foraging For Daylight

[eie dig043]

1. Foraging For Daylight

2. Residual Luminescence


released June 19, 2020


Recorded, mixed & mastered at Rock Creek Tributary, OR in June 2020.

All sights & sounds by M S Waldron © 2020

This album is dedicated to all people who have had to endure racially-motivated discrimination, abuse & exploitation; and in particular to the African-American community that continues to be treated unjustly by a racist society that was built using their stolen labour.

All sales generated from this album will be donated to Black Lives Matter. The dates & amounts of the donations will be listed on this page.

first donation: $210 on 23-June-2020
(for sales between 19-June-2020 and 23-June-2020)



all rights reserved


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