Deflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public [irr. public performance #20]

by irr. app. (ext.)

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Deflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public
[irr. public performance #20]
Mt. Tabor Theater (lounge), Portland, 2012-June-18

A PHYSICAL VERSION OF THIS RELEASE IS AVAILABLE AT The physical album is a fully-printed, hand-assembled double CDR that also includes two additional complete rehearsals, each of which has significant differences to the versions presented here. The discs come packaged in a double jewel case with a single-panel insert and double-sided tray card, and is limited to 200 copies.

[eie dig011]


full track list:

1. Irruptive Cetacean Overland Locomotion
2. Agnotocastor Rumpus Joined By Overexcited Menodus
3. SN1054
4. My Teenage Castle
5. The Cohoes Mastodon Oscillates Unselfconsciously In The Ionosphere
6. Admonitum Tripartitus (With Otamatonic Addendum)

7. Irruptive Cetacean Overland Locomotion
8. Agnotocastor Rumpus Joined By Overexcited Menodus
9. SN1054
10. My Tumbling Absence
11. The Cohoes Mastodon Oscillates Unselfconsciously In The Ionosphere
12. Admonitum Tripartitus (With Otamatonic Addendum)


released October 19, 2013


The recording reproduced here is a document of the first irr. show to take place in Oregon subsequent to my becoming a resident in 2010. Thanks to Chandra Shukla/Xambuca for inviting me to participate in the festivities, and thanks as well to the 8 people who came to look & listen: despite the tiny attendance, it turned out to be the most enjoyable live event I’ve done in Portland to date. Admittedly, that’s not saying much since the others were complete crap, but I did actually enjoy this one.

Included as bonus tracks is the full recording of the final rehearsal leading up to the day. It follows the same basic outline as the performance itself, but given the vague parameters within that outline (and my lack of consistency as a performer) there are plenty of variations resulting from improvisation and accident; therefore, I decided this alternate version might be of interest to some listeners (and also because, not surprisingly, things tend to go wrong less often during the rehearsals). I’ve excised the stirring interpretation of ‘My Teenage Castle’ from the rehearsal simply because no one can possibly need to hear it that many times.


Recorded live at the Mt. Tabor Theater (lounge area), Portland, OR on 2012-June-18.

For this event, irr. app. (ext.) was: M. S. Waldron

Event photos provided by the Unknown Howard (!) Forbes. Thanks to him. Otamatone courtesy of Colin Potter. Thanks to him, too.

Sounds, mastering, artwork & layout completed in September 2013
at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro.

All materials © M S Waldron



all rights reserved


irr. app. (ext.) Hillsboro, Oregon

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