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Concerning The Incidence of Unexpected & Prodigious Radial Expansion In The Matter of Generative Diversity of Varied Character {2013/2014}

[eie dig014]


full album track list:

1. Incident I + Incident II [10:29]

2. Incident III + Incident IV + Incident V [10:29]

3. A Predictable Vector Of Development Overwhelmed By Abrupt Heterogeneous Radiation [6:16]

4. Incident II [Spontaneous Mutation] [5:30]

This album contains 4 tracks: #1, #3 & #4 are available for preview above, and #2 is included as a bonus track with the album download.


released October 7, 2014


#1 & # 2 were originally released by ReadyMades Tapes in an edition of 30 cassettes in October 2013. Cultivated & consummated with great sensitivity between June & July 2013; delicately adjusted & remastered in October 2014.

A cruder version of #3 was submitted in July 2013 to the Nine Day Antler Society (sevengallery.blogspot.com). This version revised & remastered in October 2014.

#4 secretly manifested itself in a moist, dark crevice in October 2014.

All tracks recorded at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro, OR. Audio, layout & graphics by M S Waldron; custom nozzle attachments by the Prickly Wiffleball.

Dedicated to the indistinct legacy of the noble Opabinia.


all rights reserved


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