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2022 Monthly Digital Single: Attention Dear [June]

by irr. app. (ext.)

=?UTF-8?B??= Unfortunately I have bad news for you. A few months ago, I had access to the device you use to browse the internet. Since then I have been monitoring your activities on the internet. You are a regular visitor to adult websites, I can confirm that this is your responsibility. For your convenience, the websites you visit have given me access to your information. I have loaded a driver-based trojan that updates its signature several times a day so the antivirus cannot detect it. I also have access to your camera and microphone. Also, I backed up all data including photos, social media, chats and contacts. I recently had the great idea to create a video where you cum on one part of the screen while the video is playing on another screen at the same time. It was fun! Rest assured that I can easily send this video to all your contacts with just a few clicks and I assume you want to avoid this scenario. With that in mind, here's my suggestion: Transfer the amount of 1600 USD to my bitcoin wallet and I'll forget everything. I will also permanently delete all data and videos. In my opinion, this is a rather modest price for my work. You can find out how to buy bitcoins using search engines like google or youtube as it is not very difficult. You have 48 hours to respond and you should also note the following: It's no use answering me - the address was generated automatically. It also makes no sense to complain as the letter cannot be traced along with my bitcoin wallet. Everything is precisely orchestrated. If I find out that you've mentioned this letter to someone, the video will be shared immediately and your contacts will be the first to receive it.
Investment Greetings to you and your family, I hope that you have a wonderful health. I am Yahya Jammeh the past president of the Republic of Gambia. I would like to discuss an important and confidential business investment with you. I need your partnership for the investment of huge funds and you will be entitled to part of the investment funds as your share capital for cooperation and for managing the investment , let me know if you accept my offer and I will send you all the necessary details. In case you are confused about my identity just visit my personal page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahya_Jammeh. Truly Yours, Yahya Jammeh
I WARN YOU! This member growth breakthrough is not for the weak of heart! You must not click before you agree not to send this to anyone else, i already shared this with more than enough people. This man's African ancestors have left him as heritage the secret cocktail mix that makes any man's member bigger than an oil pipe! It also absolutely solves the problem of keeping it up, it prevents it from shrinking with age (yes that's a scientific fact!) and helps with the prostate too! It's absolutely crazy! He was THAT CLOSE to bury this secret forever when he wanted to tear down the house his grandfather lived. But only a divine miracle stopped him that day. You absolutely must NOT shop this with anyone, he sent me this in private. The findings were too important to keep to myself, I'm trying to keep this as low as possible. I'm not sure how much longer he can keep it online, but as long as the files are there, take a look and see for yourself.


2022 Monthly Digital Single series:
'Attention Dear' [June]

1. =?UTF-8?B??=

2. Investment

3. I Warn You!



released July 1, 2022

3 new tracks and a new debris assemblage will be posted every month, with a bonus 13th single available free to anyone who purchases all 12 monthly installments.

Perpetrated at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro in June 2022.
Sights & sounds by M. S. Waldron © 2022.
Photography & debris assistance by Tatyana Byrd/Bleak Imagery

Texts by various scoundrels.




all rights reserved


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