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2022 Monthly Digital Single: Attention Dear [December]

by irr. app. (ext.)

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Blessing Hii
Dear Sir [2] Dear Sir, Please get back to me very quickly for a detailed brief on an ongoing plot to steal your fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) under a false report that you are a casualty of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. They have already presented a very wealthy European to act as your sole eligible heir to inherit your estate. From the way this group of officials is acting, I am convinced that you are still alive; they are possibly trying to divert this fund for their selfish interests. I am a contract staff at the International Remittances Office of the CBN, my position gave me access to your payment information. Some Fake death certificate and phony funeral photographs have been circulated at the CBN as evidence to buttress their submissions that you are dead. If this move is not halted quickly you are at the verge of losing this fund to the wrong party. It hurts to find how individuals could pronounce their fellow human dead just to deceive the authorities to steal what does not rightfully belong to them. It’s a shame to say the least. The GOOD NEWS however is that these impostors have already paid all the processing fees and has pushed the payment file to the point of settlement. Therefore, if you are still alive, then this is the best time for you to strike and stay at an advantageous position more than ever before because you do not need to pay any of those taxes and processing charges anymore. So I want to guide you on how to quickly stop this criminality and also put them behind bars while your fund is released to you as the rightful owner. For security reasons I would have loved to remain anonymous for now until you reply. However, doing that would be unprofessional, BUT please endeavor to hide my identity as I assist you in this transaction so I don’t get hurt or killed by these gangsters. I await your reply. Thanks. MR. FOLARIN SAMSON
Former FBI Doctor Sent You A Video To Watch Mix THIS “Tribal Tea” for a rigid rod! I apologize for contacting you again, especially at this time of the day, but I wanted to make sure you received the previous email I sent you last Tuesday regarding this video about the “Secret Manhood Formula” that a former FBI doctor posted online in order to expose the “Dick Pill” industry. If you didn’t watch the former FBI doctor’s video yet, then please watch it as soon as possible before it gets taken down by the people in government that DO NOT want you watching it. Honestly, every man between the ages of 34 to 77 really needs to watch this video today because this doctor really believes it’ll be taken down by tomorrow at 6:45 AM. ===> Watch this former FBI doctor’s secret video here. Kindest regards!


2022 Monthly Digital Single series:
'Attention Dear' [December]

1. Update Your Profile

2. Blessing

3. Dear Sir [2]

4. Former FBI Doctor Sent You A Video To Watch



released January 10, 2023

3 new tracks and a new debris assemblage will be posted every month, with a bonus 13th single available free to anyone who purchases all 12 monthly installments.

Perpetrated at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro in December 2022.

Sights & sounds by M. S. Waldron © 2022.
Photography & debris assistance by Tatyana Byrd/Bleak Imagery.

Texts by various scoundrels.




all rights reserved


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