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2022 Monthly Digital Single: Attention Dear [April]

by irr. app. (ext.)

GET IN TOUCH BACK Hello friend, I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the Capital valued at US$6.5 million left behind by a deceased Immigrant Magnate before they get confiscated or declared non serviceable by the management of the bank that have given me a mandate to provide my late client next of kin since none of his registered next of kin survived or l stand losing the money to the government according to the abandon fund/property laws in my country. I need this transaction to be concluded as soon as possible so that I can be able to fly my wife to ISRAEL or INDIA for a major operation as the doctors prescribe, she has been placed on life-support machine for the past six months due to heart failure. Best Regards, Barr: Lamy
Details Of His Death Attention Beneficiary. My name is Rachel Valdéz Larson. I am a legal practitioner, (Lawyer) We are writing to inform you that your relative has passed away. I have tried several times to reach you in regard to this news and there is no reply from you. If you have any questions or for more detail about his death, you should contact me directly immediately via E-mail Regards, Rachel Valdéz Larson.
I Welcome The Opportunity To Discuss This Further As most of the country returns to work and businesses, one focus of the area is Cleansing and addressing Covid19 Free and safe working environments. Why? It is crucial we get the country operational whilst protecting our clients and staff in an engaged, safe working conditions. But, is there a quick fix to tackle this immediately and effectively? With respect, with careful, comprehensive precautions, yes, we can address a safe working environment. Allow us to introduce our latest Innovation! The Cyclomop, the only heavy-duty system for commercial and industrial cleaning! And how will Cyclomop assist? Most cleaning systems currently in the market are outdated, laborious and burdensome work! Cyclomop is a portable, lightweight, yet robust and durable cleaning system that tackles cleaning with ease. It's the perfect cleaning companion. Our USP Cyclomop comes with a complete mop and bucket system with an ultra-absorbent microfiber head that is super-fast drying and safe. It also comes with a scrubber head that tackles the severe stains! Moreover, you can use the mop for various floor types ensuring that you do not have to touch the dirty mop head at any point during the cleaning. The system also has a user-friendly and powerful wringer that can be operated using a pedal or the mop handle. QUICK & FAST drying! Well, these features are just the tip of the iceberg. This is a product that will redefine 'cleaning services' forever. Intrigued? Want to see a demonstration? Click here to explore yourself. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this further should this benefit your business. Kind regards, Customer Services


2022 Monthly Digital Single series:
'Attention Dear' [April]

1. Get In Touch Back

2. Details Of His Death

3. I Welcome The Opportunity To Discuss This Further



released May 6, 2022

3 new tracks and a new debris assemblage will be posted every month, with a bonus 13th single available free to anyone who purchases all 12 monthly installments.

Perpetrated at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro in April 2022.
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